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White Parrot

100's of

100's of ideas waiting for you

Our molds are just a starting point,with a little imagination they can be put to many different uses. All it takes is an idea and a little planning to achieve the desired result.


The Unicotn shown is sold as a money box but after a while I thought this was a bit boring. I decided it would make a beautiful night lite for some lucky young girl and this was the final result. 

New Arrivals

Check out our new molds in the new arrivals section of the store front. There are many more to follow in the next couple of weeks


New Payment Method Available

Due to a popular request by many of our customers our site now has LayBuy as a payment option. When you complete your order this option will be present in the payment options. You will need to have an account to use this option, please follow the link and click on sign up to create an account.


Create a MyPost Account


Create a MyPost account to track your packages and even redirect your mail when you move, follow the link to create an account


Download the

Australia Post App

Here to track your parcel and more.



Molds displayed within this website's store are all purchased from wholesale suppliers in good faith and assume they hold the rights to produce the designs displayed. If you feel there is an infringement issue with an item/ s displayed within the store please feel free to contact us yourself or put the artist in question in touch with us. There are contact links in the footer below as well as links to the social media pages, we are happy to discuss your concerns and put you in touch with the supplier involved if necessary.

We operate this business in good faith and are unable to control the actions of others

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