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A few years ago I was at a really low point in my life, dealing with failing health issues and the mental toll it was taking on me.

Then one day I walked into a gallery at Highfields and there in front of me was the first piece of Resin Art I had seen. It was a stunning and vibrant piece of art and I knew right then I was going to learn how to create my own Resin Art.

Thus began my journey of discovery into the world of Resin Art and it's myriad of techniques and applications. Looking back at my first attempts they were pretty awful, but I continued on researching techniques and putting them into practice.

The challenges were many through my journey of discovery, but through sound advice of fellow artists and constant Google searches. I have become a better artist.

Being able to work in the studio with the solitude it provides allows me to immerse myself in a project and release my thought processes to the job at hand. There are always new things to learn and successfully applying them to a project provides a sense of accomplishment.

Last year I was invited to exhibit at the Downlands College Art Show in Toowoomba, which is considered a prestigious event in the cities calendar. I felt honoured at being invited and it provided further encouragement to keep doing what I have grown to love doing.

I now host workshops at locations in Toowoomba and at my studio in the Lockyer Valley, teaching students the proper handling of resin, techniques and tool usage. Students finish the workshop with a completed artwork to take home and proudly show off.

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