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Aussie Moulds was originally created by Vicki Green after years of dealing with failing health issues and the mental toll it was taking on her.

Vicki walked into a gallery and saw her very first piece of Resin Art. It was a stunning and vibrant piece of art, which inspired her to learn how to create her own Resin Art. This is where her creative journey began and the passion for Resin Art evolved. 

Over the years Vicki explored this new passion through Google and her own experiments, to find her favourite products and techniques. From this, Vicki began teaching workshops in Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley, sharing not only her tips and tricks but also passion on creating Resin Art.  

With the popularity of Resin Art growing, Vicki expanded from more than just Workshops, by including Resin Art Supplies from Pigments, Glitters, Moulds, Resin and more. This is where Aussie Moulds was created, to share these products with other fellow Aussie Resin Artists. 

Unfortunately Vicki had recently seen a decline in her health, and made the extremely difficult decision to close down the Aussie Moulds store. 


BUT - It isn't all bad news! 


The team at U RESIN saw this as a new opportunity. We knew just how loved Vicki and her supplies were, and we just didn't want to see the shop go. So after countless discussions we thought - Why not expand? 

Aussie Moulds is now a division of the U RESIN brand.

U RESIN was established in 2017 after years of product development and market research to bring a 100% Australian Made Epoxy Resin brand to the Resin Art market. Since then we have largely expanded our product line to include a number of epoxy systems, pigments, glitters, accessories, tools, art boards, silicone, silicone moulds, alcohol inks, jesmonite and so much more.


Not only did we expand our product range, but we began teaching workshops around Australia and welcomed over 30 U RESIN Stockists' and Ambassadors' also around Australia and Canada.


So... What now? 

Well we are in the process of giving the Aussie Moulds website a facelift while we organise stock and everything else. You will soon get to see the original range of products from Aussie Moulds alongside a whole heap more. Be sure to join our mailing list, if you haven't already so you can be notified FIRST once the shop is back up and running. 




Wide Variety of Stock


Based in QLD and WA


Helpful Staff


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