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Irregular Oval Plate: Geode inspired plate with smooth edges.

  • 28.7cm x 17.2cm x 1cm

Small Round Plate: Circular plate with rounded based.

  • 16cm x 16cm x 2.7cm

Large Round Plate: Circular plate with high walls and smooth exterior.

  • 25.6cm x 25.6cm x 2.7cm

Angel Wings Plate: Includes 1 x Heart Mirror to apply to the centre of the mould.

  • 24cm x 17cm x 2.7cm

Rectangular Plate: Rectangle shaped plate with high edges.

  • 25cm x 15cm x 1cm

Turtle Plate: 

  • 23.5cm x 20.3cm x 3.7cm

Leaf Snack Plate:

  • 14cm x 16cm

Clamshell Plate: 

15cm x 14.5cm x 3cm

Conch Plate

22cm x 13.5cm x 3cm

Pentagram Dish Mould: 

  • 15.5cm x 15.5cm x 2.5cm

Snake Plate Mould: 

  • 18.5cm x 17.5cm x 1.5cm

Dog Dish Mould: 

  • 12cm x 9cm x 1cm

Crescent Moon Tray Mould: Crescent Moon Storage Tray

  • 17cm x 6cm x 2cm


Assortment of Plate and Dish Silicone moulds. Can be used as trinket or jewellery dishes or as table display pieces. Suitable for Jesmonite or Epoxy Resin. 

Assorted Plate Moulds

GST Included
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