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Chess Board Mould: Can be used to make Chess or Checkers boards

  • 28cm x 28cm x 1cm

Tetris Board & Pieces Mould: Tetris board with 8 various tetris block pieces

  • 26cm x 18cm x 2cm

Dominoes Mould: Make you own unique version of Dominoes.

  • 20.5cm x 19cm x 0.8cm

Dominoes Rack Mould: Mould to make a rack to stand domino pieces

  • 26cm x 6cm x 2cm 

Checkers Mould: Set of 16 checkers disks

  • 15cm x 15cm x 0.5cm

159 Jigsaw Puzzle: 

  • 3cm x 2.5cm

160 Jigsaw Puzzle: 

  • 3cm x 2.5cm

161 Jigsaw Puzzle:

  • 3cm x 2.5cm

Game Controller:

16cm x 9.5cm x 4cm

Runes Set Mould: A selection of divination compasses in various styles

21cm x 13cm x 0.5
Runes Dice Mould: A set of 3 divination dice in various styles and sizes

Board Game Moulds

GST Included
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