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Crystals and Stones

Crystals and Stones


A selection of crystals, polished stone and small chip pieces, suitable for inclusion in jewellery pieces or for some extra bling in some of our larger molds. As with all things in this hobby your imagination is the only limit to what you create. All these products are naturally occuring and are not glass subtitutes.


  • Rose Quartz      0.5cm - 1cm 100g
  • Opal Quartz       0.5cm - 2cm      100g
  • Clear Quartz      Small chip 200g / Medium  1cm - 2cm 100g
  • Lapis Lazuli        Small chip           100g
  • Amethyst           Medium 0.5cm - 2cm / Small 0.5cm both 100g
  • Unakite                  0.5cm - 2cm     100g
  • Dark Amethyst 0.5cm - 2cm      100g
  • Aquamarine        Small Chip          100g
  • Quartz Points    3cm - 5cm          100g
  • Paua Shell Bits  0.5cm - 3.5cm  100g

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