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Introducing Mystery Boxes! The most affordable mystery boxes available on the market. Each box contains a wide range of silicone moulds all worth more than the purchase value. Most of the moulds in our Mystery Boxes are not currently available for individual sale on our website. The boxes also include brand new moulds, unreleased items and discontinued products. 


$10 box includes (approx) 8 items

$20 box includes (approx) 15 items

$30 box includes (approx) 20 items

$40 box includes (approx) 25 items

$50 box includes (approx) 30 items (larger moulds)

$100 box includes (approx) 40 items (larger moulds)

Boxes over $100 may include resin, pigments or other accessories.

Mystery Boxes

GST Included
  • Each Mystery box is tailor made and will include a wide variety of items. Items cannot be pre-selected or requested.
    Individual Returns are not available for any items in a mystery box.
    We can't guarantee double ups won't occur if purchasing more than 1.

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