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Ouija Key Rings: Set of 4 Ouija Pointer-Shaped Key rings with various words inside.

8cm x 8cm x 0.3cm 

Butterfly Planchette: Butterfly design ouija pointer

8.5cm x 7cm x 1cm

Triangle Planchette: Triangular Heart ouija pointer (mould shape/colour has changed but design is the same)

7cm x 5cm x 0.8cm

Ouija Planchette: Set of 7 various "Ouija" themed pointers in different sizes.

26cm x 15cm x 0.5cm

Mixed Planchette: Set of 7 various ouija pointers in different sizes.

24.5cm x 14cm x 0.5cm

Oujia Keychain Mould: 

5.5cm x 5.5cm x 0.6cm


Ouija Pointer Moulds

GST Included
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